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  • Name: Sorting Machine NSX-300
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The new NSX-300 old clothes sorting systems produced by our company adopts European advanced technology, combined with actual production made of the urgent need to develop the system design yields up to 2,400 / hour, according to the average weight of 0.35 kg piece of clothing calculation, the system is a maximum capacity of up to 850 kg / h. Is the more advanced automated sorting equipment to facilitate the subsequent recycling processing operations, saving manpower to improve production efficiency. The system can produce a spectrum of different wavelengths will be based on different materials, the device memory after IR spectral data entry CPU, the system will not only really effective sorting out according to color (red, yellow, black and white ....) And can be judged based on the principle of infrared spectroscopy including cotton wool, and various synthetic clothes of different materials, effective classification in order to achieve recovery of the subsequent processing requirements. Enhance business value.




Mechanical design with CoCreate 3D-Modelling, according to DIN- norms and decimal metric 


Electrical design with Eplan P8

Structural steel

A235 of A355 according to China Industril

Steel painted with basic and top coat, 

with a choice of the following standard colors

green RAL6011 / bleu RAL5009 / grey RAL7044 / yellow RAL1018


Motor gears: Efficiency class IE1 according to IEC 60034

Motors are standard not equipped with maintenance switches


Control cabinet: degree of protection IP-54

The cabling is provided through open galvanized wire trays.

There is 1 emergency stop circuit for the complete installation


Hydraulic components: PARKER – DENISON

Hydraulic oil: AW46


Cylinders according to ISO Standard, when available

The distribution circuit of the installation to the various valves is

 carried out in flexible tubes, including an air handling unit (water 

separator, manual shut-off valve with air vent and pressure regulator with pressure gauge)


Standard guards according to safety standards, executed in coated steel

Panels: RAL 9011 (black) - Poles: RAL 1018 (yellow)

Standard heights: 1.500 mm, 2.000 mm and 2.300 mm




1) We have opened a 24 hours after-sale service line, all the equi pments could enjoy the service fof 12 months free warranty (except for normal consumption, wear and man-made damage), lifetime maintenance.

2) The equipment sold could enjoy one year free warranty (except for normal consumption, wear and tear, and man-made damage), lifetime maintenance, we only charge the cost during the maintenance period.

3) Please contact us timely if there is any trouble during the use  of our cotton waste recycling machinery, we will propose solutions within one hour to avoid economic losses of shutting down.

4) After acceptance of our cotton waste recycling machinery, we will provide free training to the technical staff of customers in regard to the operation, maintenance and repair of the machine, to ensure the normal operation of the production.



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