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  • Name: Recycled Cotton Making Machine NSX-FS1500
  • Number: recycled cotton NSX-FS1500
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Recycled Cotton Making Machine NSX-FS1500

Qingdao NEW Shunxing Superfine Regenerated Fiber Recycling Machine, which is designed to use the tearing cylinder fast-moving mechanical centrifugal force to exclude impurities from cotton materials and tear materials. Compared to the traditional processing technology of fiber tearing, it keeps the fiber length and less cotton knots. This equipment is the ideal type to process such as soft waste, hard waste, jute, waste garments, fabric cuttings, rag pieces, waste yarn, non-woven fabrics and automotive interiors. The quality of the regenerated fibers has the most important effect to the quality of both semi-manufactured and manufactured yarn, as well as to the materials saving.



Can be widely used in opening many kinds of textile waste such as polyester fibers, Hemp, cotton spinning, wool spinning, hard waste, waste garments, cutting pieces and non-woven fabrics. Apply to many industries, such as textile spinning, toys making, garments making, shoes making, knitting fabrics and waste recycling.




The line mainly consists of garment waste tearing machine, fiber recycling machine, fiber combing machine, hydraulic press baler, and auxiliary equipments, such as dust-removing and material-returing. Before processing the material, please remove the hard impurity out.






The largest capacity


The largest capacity of recycling line in China, the output could reach 1000-1200 kg/h.




The advanced technology


With the most advanced technology, this machine is high automatic degree and high effciency but low consumption, it could extend the fiber length, without dust pollution and little demage for fiber after processing.



The barbed roller


It is adopted different quantities and special angle steel nail for barbed roller, combing and cleaning the material step by step.



Feeding roller


It adopted special customed feeding roller, could protect the fiber length efficiently.





Capacity  1000-1200 kg/h
No.of the cylinder  6
Dia.of the cylinder  1000 mm
Cylinde Width  1500 mm
The specification of the each cylinder

 First cylinder:4000pins on the cylinder

 Second and third:104000 pins on the cylinder

 Forth to sixth:150000pins on the cylinder

Power of each cylinder

 First:75 kw

 Second to fifth:55 kw

 Sixth:45 kw

Dust fan  5.5 kw
Weight of the machinery   18000 kg
Size of the machinery(K*W*L)  18670*1750*2035 mm




1) We have opened a 24 hours after-sale service line, all the equi pments could enjoy the service fof 12 months free warranty (except for normal consumption, wear and man-made damage), lifetime maintenance.

2) The equipment sold could enjoy one year free warranty (except for normal consumption, wear and tear, and man-made damage), lifetime maintenance, we only charge the cost during the maintenance period.

3) Please contact us timely if there is any trouble during the use  of our cotton waste recycling machinery, we will propose solutions within one hour to avoid economic losses of shutting down.

4) After acceptance of our cotton waste recycling machinery, we will provide free training to the technical staff of customers in regard to the operation, maintenance and repair of the machine, to ensure the normal operation of the production.



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