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  • Name: Automatic Hydraulic Baling Machine NSX-MDY200Series
  • Number: automatic hydraulic bali MDY-200
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With open-case structure and simple maintenance operation,it is suited to different classes and water-content cotton and compressed packing of chemical fiber,fluff,feather,hemp and grass etc.




Technical MDY-200A MDY-200BK MDY-200C MDY-200CT
Rating pressure 2000KN 2000KN 2000KN 20000KN
Compressibility 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.4
Compress height 420-430 mm 420-430 mm 420-430 mm 420-430 mm
Capacity 17-20/h 25-30/h 17-20/h 17-20/h
Power 29.7 kw 35.25 kw 29.7 kw 29.7 kw
Wight 18T 22T 14T 14T





1) We have opened a 24 hours after-sale service line, all the equi pments could enjoy the service fof 12 months free warranty (except for normal consumption, wear and man-made damage), lifetime maintenance.

2) The equipment sold could enjoy one year free warranty (except for normal consumption, wear and tear, and man-made damage), lifetime maintenance, we only charge the cost during the maintenance period.

3) Please contact us timely if there is any trouble during the use  of our cotton waste recycling machinery, we will propose solutions within one hour to avoid economic losses of shutting down.

4) After acceptance of our cotton waste recycling machinery, we will provide free training to the technical staff of customers in regard to the operation, maintenance and repair of the machine, to ensure the normal operation of the production.



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