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    Recent days,shizili community launched the "Green Vault" Just a week, it recovered more than 800 pieces of old clothes, old batteries, 100 more than the old bulbs.
    Reporters saw at literacy in the community, 1.4 meters high and one meter wide giant green boxes on top of the big entrance, residents can put clothes and other bulky waste items, the middle two small entrance, you can put used batteries, light bulbs and books. Residents nicknamed it the "largest in the history of the green boxes."
    "This coup in advocating junk science classification, while focusing on the post-processing of waste."
    Literacy in the community director  introduction of recycling old clothes, contact the environmental protection enterprises disinfected. Good quality donated to charitable organizations and social poor families, poor quality mainly used for processing into tents and blankets and other necessities. Used batteries and light bulbs will also be re-used in industrial production. As a result, they change the past garbage "pre-place, post-pot" phenomenon.

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