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       If all of our waste is recycled textiles, year available chemical fibers and natural fibers, equivalent to saving 24 million tons of crude oil, more than half of the Daqing oil field production - China Textile Industry Association estimates data exposed amazing clothes waste.
       One side is a huge waste, one side is the shortage of resources. "Xinhua Viewpoint" reporter survey found that clothing donations Japanese trap awkward, recycling and "nowhere", clothes processed into an important exam conservation-oriented society.
Waste of amazing: to throw off the "burden"
"The new three-year, three years old, sewing for another three years," frugally era is gone. Today, almost every family facing the closet overflowing.
       Beijing, a business unit of Zhao Jing, said full closet or lack of a suitable total, and will have constantly brings new impulses. Especially when seasonal discounts, usually buy more sets. However, buying as fast as fashion trends, clothes became throw off the "burden."
       With the improvement of living standards, who is at home even if nothing big thing, have a lot of clothes, some people still can be sent to friends and relatives, most people are "giving nowhere." Muslims living in Hohhot, a shanty town of Lingling said that the quality of their family's clothes not Zeyang, not someone else, is not enough to sell three to five dime toss, simply direct bagging child away.
The average life expectancy 3-4 years calculated in accordance with an item of clothing, if China's average per person per year in the purchase of 5-10 based on the new clothing, abandoned 3-5 old clothes, to the "Twelve Five", China's total textile waste produce about 100 million tons, which is 70 million tons of chemical fiber, natural fibers such as 30 million tons, not to be reused, both caused by environmental pollution, but also a huge invisible waste.
       How to dispose of old clothes, donations are the most commonly used channels. Our donations of used clothing donations mainly of regular social work began in 1996, there are over 30,000 community donation sites, with an average annual raise billions of pieces of used clothes to play in helping the poor, disaster relief and other work effect.
       However, the reporter visited dozens of love rescue organizations, the majority of people are not optimistic about this behavior, so that donations can not change the amount of waste dilemma clothes, but also may cause new waste.
Clothing donations: "thankless"
Relative waste clothes, people are more concerned about the safety of clothes, 10 people are always two people will ask: These clothes will not be infectious?
       . "This is the most thankless make a living," the person in charge of Inner Mongolia Volunteer Association mountainous Yang Jingyu do volunteer six or seven years, starting with valet countryside as well as the market, this year not so popular: the general clothing also no shortage of not wearing fashion. Previously, he and some volunteers will household survey, the villagers need to see what kind of clothes, then targeted to provide them. But the workload is too heavy, do not stick with it, often fall into the heap to the village children.
Hohhot Angel welfare associations have also emotionally responsible person Roach: a local public organization that has not yet cleaned, disinfected clothes equipment. Some units organize workers to donate up to show love to complete a task, do not consider the quality of donations. This requires patience volunteers sorting, selection, some will get a simple cleaning and disinfection treatment at home, and finally unified packing.
       Reporters saw at a rescue shelter love clothes, old clothes piled in the corridor, car wash plant in the corner. Master Liu Xia said water is now too scared to open up old clothes, just on which the square, every minute you can receive on tens of thousands of pieces. "Close up the store is a problem encountered rainy worried moldy, this is the third store to replace the points."
Hohhot Social Work Association poverty Hou Kai Li said that compared with other caring bailout content, clothes have been ranked in the lives of the poor need most rearward. Send clothes to the countryside is increasingly being proved "more harm than good," the cost of delivery is much higher than the value of the clothes, many of the volunteers had to catch a few thousand dollars a year individuals. Targeted especially to remote and poor areas in need of clothing donations, needs the support of relevant departments.
       Clothes using the "attractive", why the recovery difficult?
       One side is a huge waste, one side is tight resources. According to the China Textile Industry Association vice president Gao Yong introduced the world's fiber processing volume in 2013 amounted to 92.3 million tons, accounting for more than half of the country. As fiber consumption power, raw materials bound tight constraints textile industry.
       One side is the great prospects use, one side is recycling difficult. Expert analysis, turning waste into treasure clothes already there is no technical problem, and its role has continued to emerge: can be used for insulation, industrial fabrics, curtain fabrics, but also an alternative to traditional waterproof waterproof base reinforcement material, but also the activated carbon wide range of sources of cheap raw materials.
According to the China Textile Industry Association estimated that if all of our waste is recycled textiles annually provides chemical fibers and natural fibers, equivalent to saving 24 million tons of crude oil, but also to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 80 million tons, saving nearly three points a cotton acreage. However, China's annual recycled fiber but less than 10% of raw materials, only in Shanghai, Guangzhou, there are some attempts to recycle old clothes.
China Textile Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General, said Sun Huaibin, with seven or eight years of waste materials recycling old American, after a year of metallic materials, plastics, textiles, and other waste materials waste recycling, to achieve exports worth $ 28.9 billion to resolve 460,000 working population, China is the largest destination of waste materials.
"Our country in the end how much waste material, are generally estimated figures." Sun Huaibin said that we want to waste materials for scientific statistics, the waste materials as a resource will really pay attention. The current urgent need to open the hole in the policy to support the recovery system, to encourage textile enterprises to carry out the recovery work, and establish a secondary trading market, improve sorting and strengthen scientific and technological development, increased recycling of added value.
       Although China as early as 2006 began to implement the Renewable Energy Law, but for the recovery of clothes and do not have the matching provisions. Volunteer Palace Deli said, for reducing the waste of resources, the development of recycling economy, recycling old clothes up great sense, in reality, did not attract enough attention. Whether it is health, quality control, business or civil affairs department, old clothes are not designed for the introduction of appropriate management policies. Now some simple basic second-hand clothing trade in the ground state.
Ministry of Civil Affairs Social Welfare and Charity Promotion Deputy Director Guo Yuqiang said that clothes make use of is a big issue, you need to include industry associations, enterprises, organizations and research and development institutions and sincere cooperation, individual brand clothing enterprises clothes recycling activities is only a beginning, the starting point, but also need to be deeper and broader direction of expansion.
       Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Shun Hing developed a new cotton waste recycling equipment, recycling old clothes to make secondary use, become a conservation-oriented society.

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