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Yesterday, Jiro Lane community a green door "big guy" in the limelight, it is the latest put to use old clothes recycling bins, residents can be eliminated without clothes, shoes, bags, and other textile products put into it, the company will have a professional unified these old clothes recycling, treatment, utilization, turning waste into treasure. It is understood that this is the old clothes recycling bins in Suzhou City, the first established.

According to the environmental protection department statistics, Suzhou municipal solid waste produced annually by about 1.5 million tons, of which there are 2 percent belong to the old textile waste, ie more than 30,000 tons a year old textile waste is put into the trash, and this number still increasing every year. In fact, this delivery method is wrong, the clothes are mostly fiber structure, poor degradability, after weaving, dyeing, and other procedures that came more pollution, again, directly into the trash if passing through, with the bacteria on the clothing in the trash will breed, resulting in serious pollution.

Reporters learned that the establishment of old clothes recycling bins are "clothing regeneration" public environmental projects Towers Street Suzhou, a joint company to conduct a joint environmental technology, providing specialized put the barrel for these old clothes, old clothes will be recycled according to different characteristics be properly treated to meet the conditions of donated clothing will decompose after disinfection donated to poor areas and vulnerable groups, does not meet the conditions of the donation, white cotton fabric and colored cotton fabric will become, respectively, and non-woven polyester fabric by fibrosis treatment the chemically treated polyester is decomposed into a raw material to achieve reuse.

Yesterday, recycling bins into the community on the first day, the streets of old clothes to carry out the activities of daily change in just half a day they received nearly two tons of various types of old clothes. It is reported that the twin towers of the old street clothes recycling bins ongoing pilot work in Erlang embroidered Square Lane and roll the two communities, in Jiro Lane community, rolling embroidered Square community, FORESTRY District Court, Zhu Yuan-cell and cell set up at five Fuyuan recovery box, the public can put their clothes into the waste, environmental protection and public welfare a force.

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