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    May this year, Ben Green Frog scrap of clothing recycling program started in Higher Education Campus, attracting a large number of college students involved. This morning, Ben Green Frog project again starting the event from Shaoxing City, Civilization, Shaoxing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Shaoxing Municipal League, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Daily Branch hosted Shaoxing love museums network host, High-tech Zone in Shaoxing Di Dang streets Cloud East Community start, clouds east communities become green frog stationed in Shaoxing first stop.
Green Frog inaugurated, Ben Green Frog Shaoxing station project was officially launched
    Green Frog bins 1.8 meters high, made ​​of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, by pulling the green frog residents dimples, you can open the green frog's mouth, placing the residents do not need clothing.
"Too many clothes at home, but also unwanted, lost and felt pity, want to send do not know where to go. Well now, there is a scrap of clothing specifically accept a green frog." Flourishing gardens area residents Wang green frog side to put clothes recycling bin while said.
People eager to deliver green frog clothing bins
    Reporters learned that, for residents to donate clothing, will be treated in two ways. Gently over the net and through Shaoxing Museum Shaoxing Yimiyangguang love loving service clubs donate it to one meter clothing and quilts, Guizhou, Qinghai, Tibet and other places, will be giving a transparent process to start tracking, feedback and microblogging interaction. The following gently used clothing collection by green frog recovery mechanism, then the recycling of resources by chemical separation methods, not only to protect the environment, but also reduce the waste of resources.
    It is reported that after the launching ceremony, green frog bins will be put on 300 in Shaoxing, the next step will be in the streets Di Dang settled four other communities and schools.
Green frog project leader Hessler said, and now, many residents of the home used clothes are nowhere to go, and our aim is to become a kind of textile waste resources and reduce waste. We plan in the second half of this year and even next year, the province set off a boom in textile recycling waste, so that the public really develop a sense of waste materials recycling.
    Green frog project leader Ben Wei told reporters accept
Recycling scrap of clothing, for the city's waste reduction work has a very important significance. Faced with the status quo garbage siege, the community should assume such responsibilities. Here, Ben Wang reporter called for: waste clothing collection, you and I together! Welcome to the general public recycling bins in the delivery of used old clothes to the laundry green frog.

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