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Recently, residents of the city district of Bang Kangqiao found a district where more than a "giant panda." This "Panda" made ​​from discarded clothing is made, each can "eat" 70-80 kg of waste clothing.
Reporters learned that, in response to the implementation of the fifth round of the Shanghai Environmental Action Plan for three years, city sanitation firm Kangqiao Industrial Co., Ltd. in conjunction with Bang edge neighborhoods Shanghai Kangqiao, residential Cambridge Peninsula, the implementation of "scrap of clothing welfare recycling activities, "and in both cell pilot, install recycling old clothes" giant panda. "Recycling clothing through classification, disinfection, gently used clothing will be donated to the above charities; old sweater after disinfection sent love knitting room, volunteers stitches after re-knit sweaters for Hope Primary School; and the rest of the damage, value does not wear old clothes, will be sent to processing enterprises into reusable industrial raw materials. This solves the problem of waste disposal Residents of clothing, silk fabric to make clothing and other waste ceases to be waste is landfilled, truly recycling of resources.

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