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   The family did not want to wear or worn out clothes, do not want anyone to send the shot, but could not bear to discard, and synthetic fabrics throw also pollute the environment, over time become a burden for many families lives. And in Luzhou City, Sichuan Province Longmatan District, Huang Qiang young guy to spend a few million, the spontaneous production of clothes donation box was placed in the cell were clothing collection, and then through secondary processing, will turn donated clothes all over the country who need help.

Cell placed donation boxes discarded clothes have a new "home"
Huang Qiang, aged 32, who lives in a small city streets, although culture is not high, but the current furniture carved open a flower shop business is booming. Leisure time, Huang Qiang actively involved in a number of charitable activities, to become a volunteer, and donate some love back to the community.
Once in Chengdu, Huang Qiang see furniture plant will recycle clothes all broken furniture made ​​of packing cloth pad, where a lot of clothes many of them eight almost new, which makes Huang Qiang very distressed. He thought, could be collected clothing to help needy people? Ocean port town of Huang Ping Huang Qiang community is a new understanding, but also volunteer friends, and Huang Ping, after discussion, initiated by two "Yiyi dismay" as the theme of a large public event began.
Went ahead and June of this year, Huang Qiang took several million savings, breath made ​​20 printed Proposal of clothes donation box, one after another in the Red street Tianli, a large number of cells Station dam of two communities delivery, initiatives residents will donate used clothing; at the same time, Huang Qiang still Rohan town and small city streets were rented warehouse and clothing distribution points in order to work better.
"This approach is not only convenient for residents to donate, but also to help more people." Residents Tianli community LUO Ze Yuan told reporters that the family adults and children do not wear a lot of clothes, lost always feel pity, but also to find Zhengchou less approach, but now they can come in handy, really serve two purposes.
"Although the heavy rain that day, but the enthusiasm everyone donations are high." According to Huang Qiang memories, September 23, which is officially launched today, from Mission City, Tianli community, port communities and caring businesses, volunteers 200 people actively involved in the initiative unanimously. Scene, many residents heavy rain, collected clothes home filled with sacks, rain or personally drove to the scene of a morning have clothes to donate more than 2,000 pieces, many of them have new clothes.

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