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Affected by the global financial crisis and rising prices, textile mills, spinning mills and  garment factories start to considerate the machine operation cost and efficiency. The traditional opener machine are gradually being phased out, the new cloth opening machine promotion is imperative. New Shun Xing cloth opening machine not only to increase production but also to save energy.

Today is the age for green energy, the New Shun Xing clothing opening machine could bring you huge benefit. First, the New Shun Xing cloth opening machine adopted different quantity cylinders with different quantity and angles pins to carding and cleaning materials. Secondly, Qingdao New Shun Xing cloth opening machine with little fibers damage, the fiber damage rate decreased 20%-50%. The last, the New Shun Xing opening machine with high intelligence, reduce operating staff and labor costs.


In addition, the New Shun Xing cloth opening machine also with compact structure, easy to operate. It could combined with our GM series cleaning machine to process various of  textile waste and recycle back into the open end spinning.

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