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ShanghaiTex Fair bring a new opportunity for textile recycling machine

The 17th ShanghaiTex Fair has a perfect ending, New Shun Xing professional textile recycling machine have ushered in a new opportunity.

       As increasing environmental pressure, the production process has changed. Textile business owners are looking for new technologies and developing ideas to solve current business situation. In this fair, we showed our new machine textile recycling machine NSX-FS600. NSX-FS600 is developed by ourselves, which meet the current economic development recycling concept. For decades, the textile industry has been the recycled into raw materials camp, many factories have a successful recycling business. For example, Italy Prato has become a recycling center for wool, Biella is a new distribution center for wool. Recycling waste is not only beneficial to the environment, but also it has substantial economic value. Textile waste material is one of the most important and valuable material in the future.



The reasons for choosing New Shun Xing textile recycling machine

         Qingdao New Shun Xing Environmental Protection & Technology Co., Ltd. focused on R&D, manufacturing and selling textile recycling machine for three decades. Our machine has 21 patents on processing waste, adding user-friendly design for machine operation. We offer different solutions and more intelligent operations for different customers. Closing design could protect the plant work environment, meantime improve the worker safety. We choose high-quality products and partners to extend the working life of wearing parts; We have been working hard to provide the best for customers.

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