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Textile recycling machine give you a weapon to save cost


Affected by the global economic environment, business owners are constantly looking for new sales breakthrough, while also considering how to maximize savings Company production and operating costs. In textile field, it always produce waste during production. Waste accumulated again, is a long time and big burden. Typically, companies will sell the waste as rag or throw it away. Qingdao New Shun Xing is a professional manufacturer for textile recycling machine with 30 years experience, our recycled fiber carding machine is designed for helping enterprises to solve waste problem, waste can be a valuable and economic materials. Textile recycling machine is used to process textiles, clothing scraps and other waste into regenerated fiber, the regenerated fiber widely used in many fields and with huge market prospect. Enterprises can process regenerated fiber for further processing, also can sell regenerated fiber to others.



Textile recycling machine will save cost of the users


     Qingdao New Shun Xing is a professional textile recycling machine manufacturer, the machine we produced could save operating costs. Compared with other equipment manufacturers, our machine has outstanding performance in energy saving, saving labor costs etc.

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