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New Shun Xing textile recycling machine


Hello everyone, I am textile recycling machine, belonging to the textile front-end equipment. Do not look down upon me, my main usage is to process all kinds of textiles waste, waste fiber, waste clothing etc. and restore the waste into regenerated fibers, after processed, the fiber material could be used in many areas, such as non-woven products, building materials, wall insulation materials, automotive interiors, furniture, etc. My biggest feature is reducing costs, recycling waste.



New Shun Xing Textile Recycling Machine    Incomparable advantages


I was born in New Shun Xing Environmental Protection & Technology Co., Qingdao City, Shandong Province, we have our own professional R & D team, focusing on recycled fiber carding equipment development and production. Compared with other machines, in addition to 21 patents, our capacity increased by 30-50% under the same power consumption, energy savings of 20-30% under the same amount of processing, reducing fiber damage rate 20-50% and artificial costs 50%. The output material not only can be made non-woven fabrics, but also can be used for spinning.


Textile recycling machine, please look for the new shun xing brand.


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