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New Shun Xing seriously service for each customer


We have a lot of customers from home and abroad, in comparison to other opener manufacturers, we are not the most well-known one, but we understand the intentions of the customer service and we see you. Joe. Girard said that "selling point is not to sell goods, but sell yourself." Our New Shun Xing team is not in selling products, but carefully for each customer service, providing customers solutions for textile waste, put our heart into solving customer problems, we deeply touched every customer, so many customers never met decided to purchase our opening machine production line.


ntention is an attitude, there is no bad opener



Customer trust New Shun Xing, not only because our price, performance parameters, product quality meet customer requirements, but also we intent to customer service, provide customer the best solutions. We intent to produce and process products, strictly pay attention to products quality, we carefully choose equipment for our customers, providing solutions, only to meet the customer's processing requirements and save cost for customers. Customers’ trust and support is our new target, we have more power to produce good opener products and do good service.


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