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Number of visits: Date:2015-06-10

Today, three new domestic customers visited New Shun Xing, aimed at solving their own machine problems such as low-opening efficiency, quality can not reach standards, cotton easy to tie around the roll, security risks etc. Through discussion with New Shun Xing Professional staff, they found the disadvantages of old machines and dangerous it may occur, the customer think that the New Shun Xing products could save cost, reduce power, the output fiber is longer and with good quality. The New Shun Xing client manager made solutions according to the problem customer faced and suggest NSX-QT400-6 opener, the capacity of this machine is up to 150-180KG / h, it is the most advanced cotton opening machine currently.

Above is the picture of raw jute material customers bring, it gets long and thin jute fiber after the opening of four rolls opener.



After testing, jute material fully applicable for NSX-QT400 opener, the output was significantly higher than other models. Customer said New Shun Xing’s quality is trustworthy!


Trust is greater than the strength , 97% of sales is to establish a sense of trust , 3% lies in sales techniques. 
A sense of trust first lies in image display. My senior told me , customer service is the mirror of company, it
 was not see yourself, it is see company, I kept it in mind !



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