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Cleaning machine is a mechanical spinning before machine, making physical shear and tear and other mechanical processing for clothes scrap, waste, recycling and other textiles. Many spinning machines has adopted new technology to improve the output and fiber length. But during the material handling process, due to high speed of cylinder, it caused large demage for fiber and low loosening quality, it need further opening and removing impurities. New Shun Xing cleaning machine, pay attention to the details of material handling, ordinary product will bring you an extraordinary experience.



 Qingdao New Shun Xing cleaing machine adopted high quality steel welded, the fiber opening rate is high, and the fiber damage is little. It contains automatic lubrication systems, the best drive combination greatly reduce energy consumption. Except cleaning machine, New Shun Xing along with specialized advanced manufacturing technology, perfect design, thoughtful and meticulous service, full approval and good business reputation in this field. Choose New Shun Xing spinning before equipment , bring an extraordinary experience for you.


Trust is greater than the strength , 97% of sales is to establish a sense of trust , 3% lies in sales techniques. 
A sense of trust first lies in image display. My senior told me , customer service is the mirror of company, it
 was not see yourself, it is see company, I kept it in mind !



Qingdao New Shun Xing is specialized in fiber recycling carding equipment with 30 years experience, our capacity 
and sales are Asia No.1.If you are interested in above fiber recycling machine or have any questions, please click 
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Also you can scan the two-dimensional code to communicate with our technical manager. Qingdao New Shun Xing 
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