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Number of visits: Date:2015-04-14

[Having searched for her hundreds and thousands of times in the crowd, suddenly find the best fiber recycling machine only in Qingdao New Shunxing]


Old American customers visited our factory today, they have discussed and researched the problem during the process of the old machine with our technical staff . We have tested the NSX-FS600 carding machine with different kinds of materials in our workshop.




[Western samples in China]

America customers took various of samples (automobile airbags waste, etc.) to test and analysis with our engineers, customers are satisfied with the result after it processed with NSX-FS600.

The following are before and after combing pictures of automobile airbag scrap waste.



[Do not look at advertisment, look at the effect]


FS Series fiber carding machine is a creative fiber carding equipment with high degree of automation, low cost and high efficience. It is use the advanced technology and combined with market demand, with special angle nail and different number of rollers, it could comb and clean with different materials.


It's use special customed feeding rollers to protect the fiber length effectively. And it has added the emergency brake,  automatic lubrication facilities, button removing equipment and automatic Baling press machine.


This equipment structure is compact, it could drive directly , operate easily, it is fill the gaps in this field of China.


[Waste Cotton Recycling, we’re more professional]

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